Commemorating Tony Cheeseman on Emancipation Day

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Before the Tony Cheeseman Foundation was constituted, the first 3 events (The Resilience of Caribbean Communities Living in Newham, Emancipation Day and Promoting Family Health & Wellbeing) were held as a Sub-Committee working under the Newham based Association of Prostate Awareness (APA). Feedback was gathered, recommendations made and the following report is what highlights the very beginnings of The Tony Cheeseman Foundation.

Evaluation – The majority of the 230 people registered came mainly from the African Caribbean community and It is important to note that some were missed and was not registered. At the first event 74 was registered, 92 at the second and 64 at the third. Those attending the events mainly rated the events as excellent with a smaller minority rating them as good. Often commented on was the fact that the events were very informative and inspiring, enabling those attending to understand more of and as a consequence have pride in their community’s contribution. All attendees asked for more similar events to be held and for these to be aimed at young people. No one rated the events as average or poor

The evaluation forms and feedback together reflect three events that were very well attended and which were very well received. Given these facts the main project aim “To commemorate the life of Tony Cheeseman and his contribution to the progress of African and Caribbean communities both in Newham and internationally” was successfully carried out.

The majority of attendees were older people and it was felt that the events were ones from which the younger generation would benefit. However, attendance from mainly first generation Caribbean people is perhaps understandable as the first event was based around sharing stories of arrival and life settling in Britain and the second and third event focussed on commemorating people who were personally known by many attendees.

A distinct element of the Resilience Project is the exhibition which will record the experiences and contribution of Caribbean people who settled in Newham/East London in the 1960’s/70s. As a result there are now over 100 people interested in contributing their stories to the exhibition. Unfortunately due to the lack of resources so far we have been unable to speak with them but have opened dialogue with Newham Libraries and Archives regarding partnership working.

In terms of planning for future events, the vast majority of people heard via word of mouth and the event flyers. The vast majority also thought that the refreshments and the venues were good.

Jumiekan Langwij Alfabet Song and Project

by John McAnuff

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2011 Commemoration Report

2011 Commemoration Report

After the 1st three events were completed and feedback gathered, the findings of the below report show us what the community wanted and The Tony Cheeseman foundation was born More event and exhibitions

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