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As London’s’ only Enterprise Zone the Royal Docks were developing plans to ensure that local people in the Docks and surrounding areas benefit from the Re-development. We received a small grant from the Royal Docks consultation programme to engage with as many people as possible who live, work, study, visit or run businesses locally. We worked to re-model our existing ‘Discovery to Independence’ exhibition to show The Royal Docks special relationship with Sugar and the West Indies and created ‘Sugar from Discovery to the docks’. We then toured this Exhibition around several of the Royal Docks area libraries and spoke to the people.

One of the most Iconic skylines in the Borough is the Tate & Lyle factory and we were able to display an interview with a former worker Glenda ‘Sissy’ Vaughn. Ms Vaughan was able to describe what it was like to move to Britain from Barbados and work for Tate & Lyle and her experiences at the time. This served of great interest to locals and created a starting point for discussions on the borough and how it had changed over the years.

Please see below the advertising flyers, a video compilation of local opinions and a link to the report of ours and many others’ findings.

These were some of the aims and objectives of the consultation programme:

The Royal Docks Economic Purpose, a study to document the existing socio-economic condition of the area and identify likely future economic purposes for the Royal Docks.

The Royal Docks Cultural Placemaking Strategy, The Royal Docks is on an exciting journey. As London’s only Enterprise Zone, the area is set to become a leading example of regeneration. A joint delivery team has been established by the Mayor of London and the Mayor of Newham to help guide the area’s redevelopment and ensure that local people and businesses are at the heart of plans for the area.

The Royal Docks Place Strategy, a plan for new and improved public realm, including lighting, wayfinding, and activating the water.

The Royal Docks and Beckton Riverside Opportunity Area Planning Framework. The Mayor of London, in partnership with the Mayor of Newham and Transport for London, is preparing the Royal Docks and Beckton Riverside Opportunity Area Planning Framework. This framework will be a delivery-focused planning document that takes a long-term view to 2041 for how the area can effectively and sustainably contribute to London’s strategic growth demands. You can find out more here.

The report:

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